Mobilelock DS-500

Take Control of Securing and Locating Portable Assets MOBILELOCK™ is there when you can’t be. This state-of-the art portable wireless alarm system and GPS locator protects your valuable assets by enabling you to monitor and locate them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your MOBILELOCK account or Rapid Sign Up Testimonials Find out what customers are saying about MOBILELOCK and how MOBILELOCK has helped them and their companies recover and protect a variety of high-dollar assets. Police Department Uses MOBILELOCK to Track and Recover Over $400,000 in Stolen Construction Equipment in Less Than 8 Months Three MOBILELOCK Units + Eight Months of Use = 14 Arrests and $400,000 in Recovered Equipment “MOBILELOCK has given our department the edge we need to combat mobile asset theft in our area. We are making MOBILELOCK a long-term resource to help us continue reducing auto theft crime with a faster, more efficient approach.”  Deputy Jim Akers, Will County Sheriff’s Department/Tri-County Operational Task Force


“The bottom line is, I trust my guys but ALL TRACK’s AV-100 keeps them honest and helps me run a tight ship.” Dwight Boris, Commercial Kitchen Repairs, Inc.  “We ordered AV-100 GPS Fleet Trackers for our company vehicles in the beginning of this year. The GPS has saved our company a large amount of money on payroll, gas, etc. We use the GPS time to confirm the field time that is turned in from our employees.” Alpine Fire Protection Inc. Stockton, CA “One man working for me was doing six pools on the side for over two years. After I dismissed him he admitted this to one of my employees. The savings more than pays for your services, plus I have peace of mind.” Richard Ferguson, Brownies Pool Clinic Sarasota, FL


“The British Columbia Forest Service, Protection Branch has been actively using the ALL TRACK SAT-3P units to track our vehicles. As well, we are successfully tracking and receiving AFF compliant data from aircraft on hire to us that utilize this hardware. The SAT-3P is easy to use, reliable and configurable to our needs.” Mike Russo, British Columbia Forest Service.


The VU-1000 Fleet Management System has helped my business tremendously! I was able to document a driver speeding in excess of 100 MPH, which led to his termination. The main advantage of ALL TRACK’S VU-1000 is the capability of logistically dispatching our employees; therefore, saving gas and time. I have increased business because clients are impressed that I can locate drivers, give directions on the fly, and send a truck to help them quickly. Thanks for a great product and service! Lee Henry, AM/PM Road Service


We are extremely pleased with the performance of the SAT-3. We found the product reliable and easy to use. The Configuration allows us to easily configure the unit to meet our tracking needs. We are also pleased with the functions provided by the Server, especially the ability to have messages forwarded to our cell phones. The SAT-3 is very responsive and continually demonstrates a high level of professionalism. David Swint, Director of Training, Tactical Support Equipment, Inc.


“Right when we first started using your product, I logged in and saw a driver that was way out of her way. I was able to see this error and call her. She was quite surprised when I was able to tell her where she was and help guide her to her destination.” Piepho Moving & Storage


We are a major national banking entity and want to thank “ALL TRACK” for implementing and constantly supporting our “Bank Bag Tracking Solution.” We have saved in the hundred of thousands of dollars by using this covert tracking device in all our bags and to track our couriers. I can’t begin to tell you the man-hours saved when we needed to locate a missing or stolen bank bag. We will continue to support and implement ALL TRACK’s solution and application. Many Thanks!