TS-100 Passive

Note: Large quantity discounts are available, Call (888) 796-4566 for info. TS-100 (Passive Tracker) ( For Teenagers,Hikers and Employees) Dimensions: 4.10″X1.20″X0.87″ Weight: 1.5oz. Capacity: 1.0 Mb Duration: 5-7 days Power: 2 AAA batteries TS 100 –A Passive GPS location recorder that uses the latest mapping technologies to show you where the TS-100 has been. Information […]

PT-300 Package Tracker

The PT300 is a package tracker that is designed to provide you with real-time GPS location, temperature readings, humidity levels, shock events and more. Unlike traditional data loggers, the PT300 reports in-transit location and quality data in real time enabling in-transit visibility and proactive quality control. The PT300 is a real-time tracking / data logger […]