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TS-100 (Passive Tracker) ( For Teenagers,Hikers and Employees)

Dimensions: 4.10″X1.20″X0.87″
Weight: 1.5oz.
Capacity: 1.0 Mb
Duration: 5-7 days
Power: 2 AAA batteries

TS 100 –A Passive GPS location recorder that uses the latest mapping
technologies to show you where the TS-100 has been. Information is
downloaded to your computer through the integrated USB port. There is no
need for special software or mapping.

No Monthly Fees


• You have the option of three different power modes
• Mode 1 (Full Power): RED LED light will blink about every second once
the button had been pressed.
• Mode 2 (Low Power): RED LED blinks once every sixteen (16) seconds and
then the TS 100 goes back to sleep to extend the battery life.
• Mode 3 (Low Power or Power Off): LED blinks ORANGE after button is pressed.
Depend on the setup the unit will remain in the Mode 2 without the LED’s
illumination for covert operation or the
device will simply be power down to stop recording to save the battery life.

As with all the modes in order to have the TS-100 perform,
it must always have the battery facing toward the sky and
nothing metallic blocking it’s view of the sky. GREEN LED will
illuminate to indicate a satellite lock.

Location Report

See everywhere the vehicle, child, etc. has been

HTML Mapping

You can set the TS-100 to record in seconds or minutes

Aerial Mapping

Dimensions 4½” X 1¼” X ¾”
Storage 1Mb of flash memory records months of travel histories
Connection USB 2.0
Power Two (2) AAA batteries
Accessories Detachable belt clip
Receiving signal L1 (1575.42MHZ) C/A Code
Positioning SPS autonomous
Hot start 9 seconds (max)
Warm start 37 seconds (max)
Cold start 52 seconds (max)
Horizontal accuracy 2.5 meters
Operating temperature -30° to 80° C (-22° to 176° F)
Maximun logged speed 300 km/hr (locations are still recorded above this speed)
Receiver channels 16
Satellites tracked 12
Tracking sensitivity -133db (typical)
Temperature recorder -10°C to 60° C (14° to 140° F)

• Weatherproof case
• Integrated directly into Google™ Earth for worldwide use and
fully compatible with many other off-the-shelf mapping programs
• Requires Windows™ XP compatible computer with USB1.1/2.0 port
See full system requirements


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