The LGB Certified RFSeal is a battery powered container sealing unit with RF capabilities built into the hardware. It is designed to be used on trailers or shipping containers to secure cargo. It may be used in conjunction with a LGB through which it communicates wirelessly to GATIS. The RFSeal is capable of storing detailed information about the contents of the trailer. It can be operated with a key to lock or unlock the trailer and each locking and unlocking activity is recorded so that the opening and closing of the cargo container can be tracked. The seal is made of steel and has the ability to withhold a force of up to 250lbs. The seal also sends an instant, real-time alert to a connected LGB in the event of tampering. The RFSeal operates on a 2.4GHz RF frequency and is intended to be installed on the container’s security hasps using a special high security ISO17712 compliant seal and ISO17712 indicative seal for closed loop logistics.

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