A-100 Network Coverage with 120 Countries Around the World

A-100 (For Auto Security Protection against Theft) No Monthly Fee
• Latest Digital GSM Technology
• Extend Credit to Broader Client Base
• Excellent for Vehicle Recovery
• Sound Warning Alerts
• Disable Vehicle on-Demand if payment not made or stolen
• Instant Tracking, Locate 24/ 7/ 365
• User Friendly Web Interface
• Real Time Reporting

• No Monthly Bills
• No Activation Fees
• Fully Transferable between Vehicles
• Easy Install by Auto Dealers
• 10 Free Locates Included
• 3 Years Airtime Included
• Reduce payment Delinquencies by 60-70%
• 1 Year Warranty

Reduce payment delinquencies and cost of collections on cars, trucks, loans and rentals with ALL TRACK’S A-100 wireless solution. Our Delinquency Management Solution is a complete credit-risk management system for payment delinquencies, asset recovery, and vehicle security. Credit Unions and Vehicle Finance and Rental Companies can reduce payment delinquencies by 60-70%, and at the same time, minimize the recovery process. Our user Friendly web application allows one to send Warning Alerts or Disable Vehicles with ease when delinquencies occur, 24/7/365. Locate vehicles for recovery purposes and reduce recovery costs dramatically. The A-100 is the most advanced Delinquency Management Solution available today.

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